The Village at Avon


About The Village at Avon

Located in East Avon at exit 168 off of I-70, The Village at Avon is an 1,800-acre entitled mixed-use project that includes retail, housing, open space and community infrastructure with thoughtful and sustainable design.

Today The Village at Avon includes:

  • Traer Creek Plaza, a LEED-certified, mixed-use commercial building with approximately 26,000 square feet of leasable retail space on the first floor and about 18,000 square feet of leasable office space on the second floor
  • The 244-unit Buffalo Ridge housing affordable housing complex on the North side of I-70 overlooking The Village at Avon and Beaver Creek Mountain
  • The Ambulance District facility, the Fire Protection District Fire Station
  • Two valley floor parcels between Chapel Square and Traer Creek Plaza that were dedicated to the Town of Avon for parks and educational purposes, respectively.
  • A Walmart Supercenter and Home Depot with Tract E park between them
  • One parcel dedicated to the Town of Avon for a public works facility is located east of the Home Depot
  • Salvation Army currently occupies Traer Creek’s old offices free of charge on the western edge of the valley floor.


A master planned community, The Village at Avon is designed with innovative and attractive architecture that promotes sustainable ideas and is sensitive to the surrounding area. Even national corporations were compelled to comply, as evidenced by the design of both Walmart and The Home Depot.

While the Walmart Supercenter and Home Depot stores are typically designed with a low architectural standard, both tenants were required to incorporate an innovative design that minimizes typical big-box architecture, and satisfies the Village’s design philosophy and enhances the aesthetic value.

Post Boulevard was simultaneously planned and opened in connection with the Walmart and Home Depot store openings.  Post Boulevard was designed to be sensitive to the beautiful Vail Valley surroundings.  Understanding the significance of the mountains to the Vail Valley and its residents, Arthur Erickson required that coming down from I-70, Post Boulevard be tucked against the hillside and that the Walmart and Home Depot be pushed as far north as possible.  This strategic planning mitigated visual and site disturbance of the commercial and maintained the overall aesthetic by respecting the surrounding mountains.  In addition, a substantial investment has been made by Traer Creek in the landscaping within the Walmart and Home Depot parking lots.  Further, the negotiations required that the sites be maintained in a first-class condition to ensure that the stores are respectful of the great community they are a part of.  This includes strict adherence to maintaining the “clean feel” of not having clutter along the frontage, highlighted by properly maintained canopy pillars.

The Eagle County Health Service District’s emergency response station followed in Traer Creek’s footsteps by innovatively designing their emergency response station. The resulting station is a LEED Silver certified, architecturally innovative and attractive building.