The Village at Avon has over $62 million in infrastructure investment by the Traer Creek Metropolitan District (with financing provided by Traer Creek), with more to come. Included are:

  • Highway improvements for exit 168 off of I-70
  • Six -roundabouts
  • Underground parking structure with approximately 180 parking spaces
  • Two dedicated public park sites
  • A 3.6-acre dedicated school site on the Valley floor
  • Landscaping improvements
  • Approval and funding for 2-million-gallon water tank

Other benefits to the Town of Avon include:

  • The 244-unit Buffalo Ridge Housing affordable housing complex opened in conjunction with the first phase of development when only 100 units were required by the Town of Avon.
  • Originally Traer Creek was required to make a 4-acre dedication for the Avon Public Works Facility (also including a fire station).  However, in efforts to work with the Town of Avon, Traer Creek agreed to change the dedication of the land to the Town of Avon and a separate site for the Eagle River Fire Protection District.  In the summer of 2003 Traer Creek conveyed the 4-acre parcel known as Lot-5 to the Town of Avon.  In the Spring of 2007 Traer Creek made a 1.231-acre dedication to the Eagle River Fire Protection District.
  • Without being required to do so, Traer Creek made a .611-acre dedication to the Eagle County Health Service District, otherwise commonly known as the “Ambulance District,”   in 2008. Strategically located on the North side of I-70 at exit 168, greatly reducing emergency response times in the valley and saving lives.
  • The Metro District paid $2,100,000 to the Town of Avon for the East Avon and Chapel Place exaction.
  • Construction of Swift Gulch Road by the Traer Creek Metro District.
  • The Village at Avon generates approximately $4 million in public revenues per year.
  • The Town of Avon collects approximately $910,000 in revenue from sales within the Village at Avon per year.